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Basic HTML5 template

  • Under 89kB – modern, minimalist & blazing fast1
  • 100% Google Page Speed score2
  • HTML5, CSS3, no jQuery, no JS frameworks
  • Beautiful, Clean & Simple to use
  • Retina & mobile responsive

To Be Available
Template Examples

The best-looking template

Here are just a few examples of Basic8 html template variations done with Basic8 sections.

Many more template examples are available in the premium package.

Black & White Template
A black and white minimalist html template template for Apple & iOS enthusiasts.
Black and White Template example
White Template
A simple responsive html template based on white and light colors, ideal for your homepage.
Light Template example
Dark Template
A modern html5 responsive template with a look and feel based basic dark & colors.
Dark Template example
Boilerplate Template
An example Basic8 single page HTML template with image and content placeholders.
Boilerplate Template example

Lots of industry specific templates

All are included in the premium package
And other examples
Or, build by yourself your own pages with lots of predefined sections.

Blazing fast

An example Basic8 boilerplate website template (including html, css and js file) could fit in1:

  • Under 89kB (all HTML, CSS and JS combined)
  • Under 17kB (gzipped and minified)

The entire Basic8 JavaScript weighs below 399 bytes (gzipped)1.

Google PageSpeed score: 100%2
GTmetrix Grade: A Grade - 100% Performance3

Blazing fast HTML5 template

Intelligent styles!

Extremely easy to use. Play below with example template color schemes available at section or page level.

Typography, Fonts & Roundness of any Web Page:

for MacOS & iOS enthusiasts
for Material Design lovers

Background Color for any Section:

White Black Light Dark Grey

Color schemes for All Buttons & Links on any Web Page:

Red Cyan Orange Green Pink Blue
Fortune top 100 expertise
Top 100 Fortune expertise

Designed by tech professionals with experience in Fortune 100.

No bloatware

  • No jQuery.
  • No third party scripts.
  • No JS frameworks.
  • No complex grid systems.
  • Simple to adapt by newbies or devs.
HTML5 template clean code

Clean HTML template

  • W3C valid HTML template4
  • 0 errors or warnings!
    See the results in the W3C validator
  • Clear comments delimit each section
  • No in-line or !important CSS
  • Colors & core styles extracted in customize.css
  • Simple to use
Do you want a unique template just for your website?

over 1 billion of possible unique Basic8 HTML template combinations

Build a Unique Website!
Basic8 is the ideal minimalist html template. Start with a predefined single page html template, or, build your own landign page template with sections.
Mix & Match Sections
If you want more uniqueness for your website, Basic8 sections are the perfect solution. Just pick, mix, match & adapt. There are over one billion of possible design combinations (given by which/how many sections you select; their order; their individual & global configs; content adaptations; …)
An example Basic8 Website Template

I was amazed on how simple and easy it was to create a landing page for a marketing campaign using the Basic8 sections. Keep on the great work!

Cristian C.
Online Marketeer

You guys rock! Basic8 is a beautiful html responsive template, that was simple to understand and easy to use while building our single page project!

Kate V.
SEO & Conversion Optimized

Designed with conversion in mind

Built from scratch by applying best practices in conversion theory. Our team consists of experienced UX designers, each with over 10 years of experience in user research and product design.

Learn more about Basic 8:
Conversion optimizations I SEO optimizations
All Basic8 single page html templates are

SEO ready

Blazing fast by design

As you probably know the speed and loading time it is a critical factor in how a webpage it is ranked in search engines. This is why Basic8 website HTML template is one of the fastest html templates out there, with outstanding scores in both Google PageSpeed score and GTmetrix grade. Learn more

Simple layout for humans and robots

Each Basic8 section was carefully design considering key usability fundamentals and rendering simplicity.

Mobile, Responisive & Retina Optimized

From inception we created Basic8 website template as a html5 responsive template so that you won't need to worry about CSS media queries for rendering on various devices width ranked viewports. As a simple responsive html template basic8 will look and render beautifully on mobile devices, thus supporting another key aspect within SEO ranking.

Support for SVG icons

In order to accelerate the loading speed we also implemented support for SVG based icons. We tested various approaches (such as Font Awesome icons), and we identified SVG based icons as the best approach from all tested scenarios. Thus, we provide simple examples on using SVG icons in our template.

No headache metatags

All Basic8 basic homepage html templates include predefined metatags already simplified and ready for you to customize.

Many more SEO & Conversion optimization

Click here to learn about many more optimizations that make Basic8 an ideal SEO and conversion optimized landing page html template. For example, the following are just a few of the premium features of the Basic8 responsive template: the balanced use of whitespace, carefully placed teaser images, or optimized SVG based inline icons .

This website & homepage was built using

Basic8 HTML template

Basic8 is a premium html5 website template that can be used as a simple HTML5 boilerplate for building your own responsive web page. You can easily customize the template to your preferences using the available automatic settings. By changing a few parameters, you can create an entirely different look & feel.

Easy to use! Just pick, mix and adapt!1

Beautifully crafted sections

1. Content Sections
Unleash your creativity with lots of sections ready to mix, style and adapt.
Scroll to view all
2. Intro Sections
Cinematic full height sections! Optimized for 100% viewport height on most resolutions.
View all
3. Headings
Can be used by themselves or as a content section headline.
Scroll to view all
Basic8 template anatomy
4. Video Sections
Carefully designed layouts optimized for video embedding!
View all
5. The Navigation
Mobile and retina responsive. Conversion optimized design.
Learn more
6. The Footer
Responsive, scalable & modern looking. Social sharing features.
Learn more

Choose your look & feel

Two options are available. Create a beutifull website by aplying one of the two available global styles to any Basic8 single page HTML template. There is no need to know CSS while editing the global styles of a page.

Stylish look&feel

For MacOS & iOS enthusiasts. See example

Professional look&feel

For Material Design & Android lovers. See example

What's included in the Basic8 Premium Template

Tech specs

Beautiful Design & Intelligent Styles

  • A minimalist html template framework, easy to use for creating your own beautiful web presence.
  • Two amazing look & feels are available, that could be applied to any single page html template: Stylish (for Apple lovers and enthusiasts) and Professional (based on Material Design).
  • All content sections that could be placed within a single page html template, can be customized in 5 dark/light modes: white, light, grey, dark, black.
  • Multiple preset colors (customizable) are available at page level.
  • Check out the automatic & intelligent styles and how simple it is to customized the style of a section or of an entire one page html template. The styles are automatically applied to a webpage or to a section with a simple parameter. Minimal to average knowledge of html it is required for basic adaption.

Over 1 billion of possible webpage designs

  • Easily create your own unique webpage by selecting a specific number of sections, arranging them in the order you prefer, then configuring each of them individually with simple to use parameters.
  • Alternativelly, you could start with one of the example basic html css templates that are provided in the package.

Intelligent & Configurable Headers with

  • Main navigation
  • Subnavigation (optional)
  • Breadcrumb (optional)
  • Social links area (optional)

What’s in the package

  • Simple & clean example single page html5 & css templates.
  • Example basic html css templates are provided. Easily create landing pages or complex websites by starting with one of the supplied templates (such as: White webpage template example, Dark webpage template, or White & Black template), and adapting it with sections.
  • A library of section easy to use for building or adapting a html5 responsive template. To get a glimpse on how simple and exciting could be to adapt a Basic8 template check out the all sections library.
  • Two Sketch files - one for example image placeholders that are used in all single page html templates and one with all available Basic8 components and Sections
  • Getting started documentation (including advanced customization tips) that it is helpful to have at hand when usign for the first time Basic8 for your entire website or for a one page html website.


  • Retina ready, optimized for mobile & wide viewports
  • Simplified rendering, no complex grid layouts
  • Wide balanced layouts with lots of whitespace
  • Extremely simple to use: just pick and mix sections to create an impressive one page website html template for your website.

Clean code & Responsive

  • HTML5 and CSS3 responsive
  • W3C valid HTML template4
  • Compatible and tested on more than 50 browser configurations & devices